“Since the establishment of M Power, we have been working to sustain business deliverables during plant life cycle and endeavoring to satisfy Kahramaa and stakeholders.

We are proud of M Power mission and progression towards its vision. We strive to maintain our position as reliable source of power in the State of Qatar.

M Power invests whatever reasonably and economically possible to operate, maintain and manage with lowest externalities on marine environment, emissions to air and impact on land. Additionally, M Power strives to make a safe working environment.

M Power works with Kahramaa jointly, closely and with high level of coordination in order to meet the power demand efficiently, efficaciously and effectively.

M Power adopts continuous improvement strategy and has effective risk management which support to having proactivity and reduce impacts of external and internal environment.

We continue having reliable and international third parties to audit our practices in accounting, safety and environment and provide necessary accreditation.

M Power maintains necessary long/ short term plans and necessary O&M and non O&M recovery plans to sustain reliable business operations.

As we are in continuously advancing world and in important industry, we keep watching the development of technologies and improvement in operating practices.

We take this opportunity to assure the Stakeholders that we meet our obligations with best practices, most effective cost management, and keeping in consideration our responsibilities towards our contractual agreements.”

Mr. Mohammed Al Harami
CEO of Mesaieed Power Company